Just running? That’s so 2010.
Playing in mud? That’s so 2012.

By now, maybe you’ve run the gauntlet: you’ve jumped over fire, trekked through mud, ruined some good white clothes with color and dirt. Now that you’ve checked those off the list, it’s time to get physical and really challenge your body. Test your strength, athleticism, and mental toughness with Fitathlon’s endurance race of 15-20 obstacles over a 5K or 10K distance.

Whether you’re a marathoner or a casual fun runner, the Fitathlon endurance race pushes you to the next level with an exciting obstacle course. Charge over everything in your way, and test yourself with physical challenges from tire flips and rope climbs to tunnels and chains. Choose from 5K or 10K endurance race course options to push yourself to the limit. We’ll raise your heart rate and keep it there while you fly through the best obstacle course of your life!

Find out how strong you are at your next Fitathlon. Pull, push, and jump your way to victory in a battle of will and adrenaline. Finally: an obstacle race that focuses on fitness. The fact that you’ll have fun doing it is just bonus.

Fitathlon welcomes all ages and fitness levels, so take on your newest fitness challenge as a team, as a family, or with a group of friends. The Fitathlon endurance race is proud to support its participants by investing in their communities. We are a socially responsible, green company. We use local businesses in our events as much as possible and a portion of proceeds from your participation in each obstacle race event go to support a charity in your own neighborhood.

Leave the mud at home. We don’t have time for that. We’ve got work to do. Your next Fitathlon awaits you.